Take the Clean Crew Oath

Take the Clean Crew Oath and be entered into a drawing to win one of the 100 Super Power Kits we will give away each month. Come back each month and sign up for an additional chance to win! One sign up per month will be accepted. Sign up anytime during the month for your chance to win.

Here's How to Enter The Super Power Kit Giveaway:

1.Recite the Super Hero Oath below to mom or dad. 2.Click on the hand print to make it official. 3.Have mom or dad tell us where to send a Super Power Kit if you win. 4.Download your certificate.

The Super Hero Oath

I promise to wash my hands after I potty, before I eat, and any time my hands are dirty!

I promise to scrub my hair before school, when it gets sticky, and whenever Mom and Dad ask me to!

I promise to clean my body after I have fun outside, before special events, and whenever Mom and Dad ask me to!

I promise to use MY Super Powers to keep myself Fresh, Bright, & Clean!

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