About Us

Nehemiah was founded in 2009 with the mission to build brands, create jobs and change lives (read more about our mission below). We are led by a team of seasoned consumer products executives who share a passion to make a positive impact on people and the community.   Our facility is in the inner city of Cincinnati, where we feel we can have the greatest impact creating jobs and changing lives.

Nehemiah partners with consumer products companies and entrepreneurs to license/acquire small brands, innovate new concepts and contract manufacture products.  Please visit these links to learn more about our other brands.

Boogie Wipes: www.boogiewipes.com

Dreft: www.drefthome.com

Downy Wrinkle Releaser: www.downywrinklereleaserplus.com

More About Our Mission

Build Brands…Create Jobs…Change Lives

Building Brands… Nehemiah’s team leverages our consumer products experience to build consumer brands, innovate new concepts and contract manufacture products. Based upon a proven track record with the leadership team of Nehemiah, Procter & Gamble awarded Nehemiah the license to manage the Pampers Kandoo line of toddler products to launch our company in 2009.  Nehemiah continues to work with P&G and other companies to license/acquire brands, launch new products and provide contract manufacturing services.

Creating Jobs… Nehemiah is focused on creating job opportunities for individuals in the inner-city of Cincinnati and beyond.  We are creating a variety of jobs for those individuals who have challenges finding employment.  Nehemiah has teamed with social service agencies who serve individuals with criminal records, gaps in employment and other barriers to finding meaningful work.

Changing Lives… Nehemiah has teamed with social service agencies to recruit individuals who need a second chance and assistance with employment. We promote a family work environment and provide whole life coaching and support to help improve our employees lives.

For additional information about Nehemiah Manufacturing, please visit www.nehemiahmfg.com